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Schema Detective - Find Your Sensitive Data

Always know where your sensitive data is

Schema Detective is an innovative tool for finding sensitive data and referential relations within the database. Simple to use, yet powerful, it enables the detection of data across the entire database instance (server), utilizing various search patterns. In addition, it allows the identification of application referential relations - even in the lack of database foreign-keys.

Schema Detective

Key Features

  • Finds data across the entire instance (server) in minutes
  • Handles databases and tables of any size
  • Can search inside large text fields, e.g. CLOB, varchar(max)
  • Utilizes both wildcard and regular-expressions search patterns
  • Allows re-use of your favorite detection rules through a detection dictionary
  • Detects referential relations defined only in the application
  • Displays data's referential relations defined in the database

Schema Detective Supports The Following Databases:

  • Oracle 9i and up
  • SQL Server 2005 and up
  • MySQL 5.1 and up
  • DB2 LUW 9, 9.5
  • DB2/400 (DB2 system i) V5 and up